Weedmaps’ 4/20 buyers guide: 2022 edition

April 6, 2022


It’s that time of year again when it only makes sense to treat yourself to all the weedy things your stoned little heart desires. Whether you’re heading to a 4/20 event, taking advantage of the deals happening in dispensaries (check out our tips for big sales weekends), or writing your representatives to legalize the herb in your state, there’s a way for everyone to celebrate the high holiday right. 

Wherever you find yourself this 4/20, it’s easier than ever to celebrate in style. Maybe that’s through a new bong or rolling tray or stoner-centric clothing or jewelry. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of smoking devices, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, apparel, jewelry, and more to elevate your 4/20 festivities. 

Smoking devices

Yew Yew Wavy Pipe

Yew Yew’s Wavy Pipe is so stunning that you’re likely going to have a hard time convincing your friends that it’s actually a smoking device and not a piece of art. The pipes come in five colors — ocean, mint green, teal, pink, and milky blue — so good luck picking just one. 

Puffco Vision Plus Dab Rig

The Puffco Vision Plus is a great buy for dabbers. It’s essentially a pocket dab rig with three heat settings that bring out all the terps and puffy clouds of smoke. The Puffco Vision Plus comes in an iridescent tie-dye color for the same price as the metallic device.

Summerland Terra Cotta Water Pipe

If you’re looking for a water pipe that’ll cool your smoke while also making your space look cool as hell, this is it. 

Heir Handpipe

The Heir Handpipe offers a smooth smoke in an ultra-durable frame. It’s made of stainless steel and zirconia ceramic with a silicone rubber handle — it also includes a silicone cap that makes it perfect for on-the-go sessions this 4/20. 


Oreo Cookie Grinder

This grinder is so cute and cheap that we can’t imagine it’ll work that well. But as far as novelty buys go, you can’t do much better than this. 4/20 stockings should become a tradition just for knick-knack gifts like these. 

Marley Natural Wood Grinder

$90 for a grinder is a pretty tough ask, but it’s hard to argue against the quality of Marley Natural’s wooden products. Honestly, that’s all there is to say about it — it’s a well-made cannabis tool that will last longer than the average grinder.

Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder

Go, Go, Gadget Grinder! That’s how you’ll feel using the Tectonic9 Manual “Herb” Grinder. To use it, grind up your grass manually like with any other four-piece grinder, and once you’re done, use the electronic dispenser to pour the weed out of the side of the grinder and directly into your bowl or papers. 


Ashtray set by Seth Rogen

Ash your joint in a piece of art designed by none other than super stoner Seth Rogen himself. This ceramic ashtray also comes with a matching vase for flowers other than cannabis. 

Checkered Marble Ashtray by Tetra

This ashtray is just so gorgeous you might be afraid to actually put your ash in it. But have no fear: This durable, heavy-AF ashtray made of Carrara marble is designed to last a lifetime.

Hand Blown Cannabis Leaf Ashtray by Kush Panda

What’s 4/20 without the presence of the cannabis leaf immortalized in glass? This hand-blown ashtray from Kush panda mixes a laid-back style and effortless design for a relaxing weed-filled holiday. 

Rolling Trays

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Foldable Tray 

As Lindsay MaHarry wrote in her guide to rolling trays, this is the “mac daddy of all rolling trays.” These trays are made with sustainable bamboo and lock into place to create one giant rolling station or several smaller trays for whatever rolling situation you find yourself in. 

Mean Girls Burn Book Rolling Tray by SC Luv

Can you imagine anything more perfect? Roll up the perfect joint on this absolutely perfect Mean Girls-inspired rolling tray to get into the right mindset for burning weed and frenemies. Have some Kälteen bars ready for when the munchies kick in. 

Ooze Life Rolling Trays

These shatter-resistant glass and metal trays have wonderfully weird, trippy designs like Imaginarium, Tag, and Space Race. You won’t have to serve your cash up on a platter to get one, either. These rolling trays are affordable, running between $8 and $15. 

Custom Rolling Tray by My Rolling Tray

As Dante Jordan said, “If you’ve ever wanted to put your college diploma on a rolling tray (I did, so I did), then a custom rolling tray from My Rolling Tray is here to make your wildest dreams come true. They can turn literally any image you can muster into a tray for your ganja. They’ve even got a LED glow tray option! You and all of your family members need one of these with your great-grandmother’s picture on it.”


Weedmaps apparel

You don’t have to live in Arizona to enjoy the “High Arizona” tee ($22) or be in bed to rock the “Exhale” hooded wearable blanket ($130). Come April 20, 2022, there will be no wrong answers to your 4/20 digs.

Cannabis Leaf Party Suit by Suitmeister

There’s always that guy who shows up to Hippie Hill dressed up in the loudest possible suit … and maybe that guy is you. If so, thank you for your service. If you’re looking to compete with that guy, consider this truly unhinged suit. 

Sundae School apparel

You could argue that Sundae School is fashion first, weed second. The pre-roll and edible brand’s apparel — from polo shirt dresses and crop tops to mesh bell-bottoms and checkered sweater pants — is just too good to resist. 

Cookies apparel

You can’t talk about weed apparel without talking about Cookies, rapper Berner’s weed and lifestyle brand. Cookies’ apparel brings all the Bay Area hype to must-have staples like the “America’s on Cookies” tee ($34).

Old Pal apparel

Old Pal’s retro-chic style appeals to modern and old-school stoners alike. The concept of “shareable flower” extends to apparel pieces like the “Work Together” long-sleeve shirt ($58) and “Pleasure to Treasure” corduroy cap ($36). 


18k Runtz Bud Necklace from Ras Boss

This necklace is the living embodiment of extra. Considering it’s made out of a real Runtz nug dipped in 18-karat gold and encrusted with diamonds, the triple-digit price tag doesn’t sound all that unreasonable. 

THC Molecule Necklace from Molecular Motifs

If you’re looking to be a bit more subtle this 4/20, check out this nerd-heaven design from Molecular Motifs. The THC molecular configuration is quite elegant and unassuming and comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. 

Functional Glass Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects

On 4/20, you have to make sure you’re completely prepared to take a hit at almost any time. Enter the fully functional Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects. You’ll never be without when you have this one-hitter right at your chest — just don’t forget your lighter. 

Baggie of Weed Earrings from idlehandsx

The stoniest holiday of the year calls for silliness and kitsch, and you’ll find both in these mini dime bag earrings. They’re a great conversation starter, and you may get a light-hearted laugh or two that will brighten an already lit day. 

Looking for more ways to celebrate this 4/20? Check out Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike, Weedmaps’ first-ever travel show airing on VICE, hosted by none other than rapper, actor, and activist Killer Mike.

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It’s that time of year again when it only makes sense to treat yourself to all the weedy things your stoned little heart desires. Whether you’re heading to a 4/20…
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