The strains that made Exotic Genetix

February 9, 2022


In this game, we have to show love to the people who have been putting in the work since way before cannabis was legal in any state. Those people who bred the original strains, were at the original events, and have truly made giving the world good weed their life’s mission. Exotic Genetix is definitely one of those legendary brands, and Mike, the founder, is most definitely one of those legendary breeders.

Exotic Genetix origin story

Exotic Genetix was born in Tacoma, Washington, around 2008. It was founded by a breeder named Mike, who is responsible for some of the most influential genetics in cannabis. When asked how he got into weed, Mike told me, “I was going to school for computer networking engineering, because I had been laid off from painting cars for many years. I smoked weed. I started hearing about medical cannabis where I could get a weed card, smoke pot, and not get in trouble. So I got one and started dabbling in trying to grow my own weed. I spent a couple of years just trying to figure out what the fuck I was doing.”

His first grow setup was in a spare bedroom in his crib. “I started to grow some decent pot in my tent in one of my spare bedrooms. I said fuck it, maybe I’ll just become a plant scientist. I changed [my major] to biology. I remember the first check they gave me as a student loan/grant. I took that [$5,000] and went and bought all the equipment for my first real grow room.”

Mike fell in love with the process immediately. “About a year after I started growing is when I started to do my first breeding project. At that point, Exotic Genetix was born. On how the name came about, Mike said, “I always wanted to own something, a nightclub, a strip club, whatever, called ‘The Exotic’.”

These are the strains that made Exotic Genetix.

2009-2010: Supernatural

Around late 2009/early 2010, Mike bred the first official Exotic Genetix strain: Supernatural. It is a cross of The Flav male with a Grape God female. Three years later, that first strain took 2nd place at Seattle’s first-ever Cannabis Cup.

“That’s where the fire started,” said Mike. From there, Mike dove headfirst into building the Exotic Genetix brand and genetic library.

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2013: Starfighter

In 2013, Exotic Genetix obtained Starfighter. “I was a member of THC Farms. They had an auction for this crazy strain called Starfighter. I had to have it, man. At the time, it went for several thousand dollars.”

Unfortunately, those seeds never arrived. Mike had to get replacements directly from Alien Genetics, Starfighter’s breeder. Once in his garden, Starfighter grew into a beautiful frosty flower. “I popped 8 or 9 [seeds], and I had two males. As I started flowering them, one of [the Starfighter males] ended up being a female. That female ended up the flagship Starfighter that I ran for years.” He continued, “It was insane frost content. It gave you a vanilla cakey smell and flavor.”

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2013-2014: Cookies and Cream

By 2013, Mike had a variety of strains. He had his Starfighter, of course; but, he also had a cut of GSC before it became a West Coast staple. His Starfighter and GSC hybridized to produce the world-famous Cookies and Cream strain.
“Before the 2013 [Cannabis Cup] in Denver, I had Cookies and Cream made. I didn’t anticipate what was about to happen at the end of that Cup. They called the Hybrid category, then announced Cookies and Cream as a winner, and I almost shit my pants. I felt like a rockstar.”

2014: Kimbo Kush

Right after Cookies and Cream, Mike hit the ground running. Strain after strain, Cup after Cup, Exotic Genetix was absolutely cooking. Kimbo Kush was the next big strain it was known for.

Kimbo Kush is a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter.

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2016-2017: Tina

“I went to Amsterdam for a Cup that eventually got canceled. I linked up with my man Constantine from Horti-Lab. He gave me these seeds, they were unlabeled.” Mike popped those seeds into a strain called Constantine, crossed it with an in-house Yoda, and the result was Tina. “Tina was big gas. It was a fucking winner.”

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2016-2017: Grease Monkey

Right after Tina, Mike gave the people Grease Monkey.

“It is one of my most popular strains and what I’m well-known for.” Grease Monkey was then crossed with Tina to make Donkey Butter, which also took off. It’s clear to see that Mike has been on fire since forever.

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2018: Mint Chocolate Chip

In 2018, Mike crossed SinMint Cookies with his Green Ribbon to produce Mint Chocolate Chip. Mint Chocolate Chip is a well-known Cookies descendant that people love for its sweet, funky, and somewhat gassy terpenes.

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2019: Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream is a creamy, delicious cross of a Strawberry mother with Cookies and Cream F2.

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2021: Rainbow Chip

Rainbow Chip is some straight-up heat that Mike released in 2021. Exotic Genetix released both regular seeds and feminized seeds. Unfortunately, it didn’t crack like all the others. “The regs didn’t crack as hard as the fems did. It could’ve just been COVID or whatever, who knows dude. I would’ve expected to see a different response.”

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2022: Bread and Butter

Now, in 2022, Exotic Genetix is still a dominant force in cannabis genetics. Next on deck for Mike and his squad is the Bread and Butter seed drop. Bread and Butter is a cross of Donkey Butter and Bakers Dozen.

If history serves him well, this strain will blow up too.

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In this game, we have to show love to the people who have been putting in the work since way before cannabis was legal in any state. Those people who…
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