The Drop: 11 strains coming to dispensaries in April

March 31, 2022


This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from THC Design, Blaqstar Farms, Maven Genetics, Grizzly Peak, and many more.

Fresh month, fresh weed. Here are 11 strains hitting dispensary menus in April 2022.

THC Design: Glazed Apricot Gelato

Glazed Apricot Gelato from THC Design is a limited release, so go grab it now — this will be its only run. Glazed Apricot Gelato is a cross of Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot.

The flower is fruity and gassy on the nose and deliciously citrusy to the taste buds. The effects let me feeling mad relaxed from head to toe, which is great for when you’re just kicking it before bed.

Not so great for 9:37 am pre-workday smokes. I learned that one the hard way. Boy was lifted for hours, dog.

Available: California

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Burb: Beaver Tail

Yo, that Beaver Tail from Burb is tasty as hell. It’s fruity, smooth, and creamy. Lowkey, it’s kinda like smoking sweet berry syrup or something similarly cloying.

Beaver Tail’s terpene profile is dominant in limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool. The effects aren’t exactly sedative, but the high will definitely shift your brain from “I should hit the gym” mode to “Skipping shoulders to go sit in the sun for hours is also great for my health” mode.

Available: California

Blaqstar Farms: The Force

Blaqstar Farms grows some great flower, and it really has something special with its Treestars infused mini cigars. In April, the California brand will be putting out The Force.

The Force is a Skywalker OG and Joseph OG cross that has a classic funky, lemony, and kushy flavor to it. The effects can be described as an energetic feel-good vibe, but still a bit sedative in high doses. Shit had me staring at my apartment’s natural sunlight for four-plus hours thinking, “Being a plant wouldn’t be so bad.”

Available: California

Candy Paint Flowers: The Grape Depression

Candy Paint Flowers kills that grape-flavored weed game. This month, you’ll be able to smoke its newest heater: The Grape Depression.

Candy Paint said that The Grape Depression tastes like grape candy and holds linalool dominance. You can expect it to hit you with a long-lasting, full-body type of high. So basically, you’ll be smacked off the GD.

Available: California

Maven Genetics: White Dahlia

Maven Genetic’s Grape Cuvee flower was a life changer. So much so that I had to see what was good in April. White Dahlia is coming.

It’s a cross of Pure Michigan F2 and Medusa that smells of cream, pine, citrus, and pepper — the flavor also comes out the same with a little gas on it. White Dahlia’s top terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, humulene, and linalool. Expect the effects to hit your body with a deep dose of sleepy and relaxed feels.

Available: California

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Viola: Iverson ’01

Viola’s Iverson ’96 was great. Now, in Michigan, the brand’s releasing Iverson ’01. Iverson ’01 is an indica-dominant cross of F1 Durban, Gushers, and Runtz. It has a fruity type of smell to it, with an added gassiness on the flavor.

Iverson ’01’s terpenes test high in geraniol, pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Michigan folks should snatch up this new Iverson if they want a perfect decompress-from-the-day type of smoke. It’s definitely a calming strain.

Available: Michigan

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Grizzly Peak: Black Scotti

I’ve never had a bad strain from Grizzly Peak. No cap. None. And in April, you can grab some fresh Black Scotti. It’s a cross of Biscotti and GP’s in-house Zhit that has become Grizzly Peak’s #1 best-selling indica of 2022.

The flower is dark purple and the flavor can be described as sweet and earthy. Its top three terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. Black Scotti smokers should expect a couch-locking body high.

Available: California

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LOWD: Hash Burger

If you’re up in Oregon, you can catch some Hash Burger from Lowd. Lowd is leaning heavily into Burger flavors and genetics lately, and they told me that Hash Burger tastes like a burger and hits like hash.

The extremely potent effects are described as a one-hitter quitter, so if you’ve struggled with a high tolerance, Lowd’s Hash Burger might be the flower you need.

Available: Oregon

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Cookies x Khalifa Kush: Babby Powder

Babby Powder is a new Cookies x Khalifa Kush collaboration. It’s a cross of Khalifa Kush with Georgia Pie. On the nose, they say it’s strong gas, pistachio cream, and a nutty, chocolate ice cream flavor.

For me, it had a funky Kushy smell and a creamy soapy kind of taste. The high was pretty relaxing and chill. Right now, you can only buy eighths of Babby Powder — prerolls are coming soon.

Available: California

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Greenline: Orange Tree

Orange Tree is a legendary California strain. It was originally bred by Roy Adams of Greenline, and now Greenline is establishing its new era. Orange Tree is a cross of 24K Gold, Orange Valley, and Tangie Kush. It smells and tastes like oranges, straight up.

The flower terpenes test for caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and limonene. Orange Tree makes for a great anytime smoke, but know that heavy amounts will sit you back in the recliner. Greenline describes its effects as a “Nice uplifting high with great body relaxation.”

Available: California

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High 90s: White Fire OG

High 90s is most known for its wax-infused prerolls. Its flower is heat though — especially that Double Cupcake. In April, High 90s is giving the people a blast from the past with White Fire OG.

White Fire OG (also called WiFi/WiFi OG) is a cross of Fire OG and The White. This classic hybrid is known for its potent high that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted. If High 90s’ other strains serve as any indication of quality, then its White Fire OG will be some fire too.

Available: California

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This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from THC Design, Blaqstar Farms, Maven…
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