College Students Holiday Gift Guide

December 8, 2021


Despite the stress, the threat of COVID-19, the anxiety of finding a job and the looming fear of lifelong debt in some cases, college students deserve some recognition. A recent The Washington Post study has shown that cannabis use is rising rapidly among college-aged adults, and they’re drinking much less alcohol as a result. To support this healthy life change, check out these affordable cannabis accessories students can use to spice up their life and help direct them toward the self-care routine they deserve. Don’t forget to provide a little weed, too!

Photo Courtesy of STNR

2G XL Delta 8 Disposable

DABS TO GO! Introducing the new 2G XL Delta 8 Disposable from STNR Creations! This device is a total game changer, with adjustable airflow, 25watt auto-draw with a “burst button” the fires at 30 watts—OH, did we mention it’s also rechargeable?! Coming in holding two grams of the highest quality D8 distillate + natural terpenes, the flavor on these are stellar. STNR is the perfect place to find goodies for your stoner friends (or yourself!) for the holidays.

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Price: $65

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Revelry—The Mini Confidant

Sometimes, it is prudent to leave your dorm room with your stash safely sealed. Avoid any unwanted detection with Revelry’s The Mini Confidant, which is a small smell-proof bag that’s the perfect size for taking your stash on the go. It’s small enough to fit into most pockets, is water resistant and has a carbon filter system to ensure that your favorite items won’t be detected when it’s in your possession.

Price: $20

Photo Courtesy of Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder

There are plenty of grinders on the market, but if you’re on a budget, get one that’s going to last you a lifetime. The Santa Cruz Shredder is a tried-and-true piece made of anodized aluminum that will never wear down, and its patented teeth design ensures a reliable grind every time. It comes in a variety of bright colors, and you can buy extra additions to add to this two-piece.

Price: $35.50

Photo Courtesy of Veil

Veil OG

There are some things that every college-aged cannabis connoisseur needs, and you never want to be without—an air deodorizer. Whether you’re having someone special over to your dorm, or your family is visiting, the Veil OG is a great option. Infused with the scents of sweet orange, black pepper and Virginia cedar, this spray will excellently overpower any cannabis scents in your space with a potent, but nice smelling scent. Bonus points for being non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Price: $19.99

Photo Courtesy of Skunk

Skunk—Mini Backpack

While this is more expensive than any other item on our list here, all students know that investing some extra cash in a good backpack is an investment that pays off. The Skunk Mini Backpack is the perfect way to transport your student essentials, but also doubles as an excellent way to store and transport cannabis items as well, thanks to its 100 percent smell-proof carbon lining.

Price: $60

Photo Courtesy of Vibes

Vibes Rolling Papers

Unlike your typical rolling papers, Vibes Fine Rolling Papers come in a variety of types, including Rice, Ultra Thin, Hemp and Organic Hemp. Vibes argues that its rolling papers can hold even more material than the average competitor, and the thinness of the papers allow for less paper smoke and more cannabis. Vibes’ King Size Slim rolling papers can fit a whole gram of dried herb within!

Price: $2.50

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Handmade Pencil Pipe

Sometimes, a gift that is handcrafted means much more than the average, store-bought purchase. This beautifully crafted ceramic pipe, in the form of a traditional pencil, is the perfect gift to honor the courageous pursuit of knowledge as a student. You can’t write with it, but you can pose stoically with it while you smoke or take Instagram photos.

Price: $45

Photo Courtesy of Pax

Pax—Era Life

Out of the countless vape pens, the Pax Era Life is one of the most celebrated when it comes down to size and price. Small, discreet and affordable, the Era Life is a reliable and long-lasting oil vaporizer that makes consumption a breeze. Enjoy an extended battery life while offering quality from Pax, which historically has had over a decade of innovation.

Price: $35

Photo Courtesy of Ugly House

Ugly House—Dab Kit

Despite its name, Ugly House has a really fresh take on cannabis accessories. We fell in love with the art on its dab kits, which come with a silicone rolling tray, a metal rolling tray, a silicone dab container and a matching dab tool! Ugly House offers a variety of pieces that are creative and artistic, but don’t perpetuate that overplayed “stoner” aesthetic.

Price: $27.99

ChaCha Chainz—Joint Holders

Smoke in style with a joint holder handblown in the US of A. Offered in the colors of Purple, Amber, Grey, Emerald, Lilac on ChaChaChainz main website, these holders all have slightly different shapes to make them unique from one another. Each one is approximately 3.75 to four inches long, with a diameter of 7mm, and is offered either a “small” size that’s ideal for slip rolled joints, or a “medium” joint for standard size pre-roll cones. Don’t smoke your joints like a chump any longer!

Price: $30

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Even starving college students need quality cannabis gear. This list provides a full range of must-haves for the most studious consumers on your holiday shopping list.
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