7 CBD gifts for a stress-free holiday season

December 17, 2021


If you’re anything like me, then the holidays bring you a healthy amount of joy coupled with exorbitant stress. From navigating the circus of airports to figuring out who’s expecting a gift from you this year — like, is Brad from Hinge going to surprise you with something special after only 6 weeks of dating? Oh, the anxiety!

To help quell your worries and stress around the holidays, here are seven CBD-infused gift ideas that make great care products for both yourself and your loved ones.

Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels

These CBD-infused, sea-salted caramels from Mello actually taste like a treat that would be featured on a holiday cookie and sweets platter. And besides being super delicious, they also provide 15 milligrams of active CBD in each piece. One bite perfectly scratches my sweet-tooth itch that tends to hit around 9 pm, allowing me to get some relaxation in before I begin my nightly Z’s.

Mello is a female-founded company that totes “BS-free” CBD products that are non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, and all-natural.

House of Wise CBD Sleep Gummies

House of Wise is all about the health, wellness, and empowerment of women — just ask Kate Hudson who gave them a shoutout on her Instagram story. The brand has a team of employees who are passionate about its mission and provide an assortment of products that help enhance the “three S’s” of their consumers: sleep, stress, and sex.

The team was nice enough to send me some samples of their sleep and sex gummies, and everything — from the packaging to the taste — was extremely impressive. After just one honey-tasting sleep gummy with 25 milligrams of CBD, I was knocked out cold.

House of Wise’s CBD sleep gummies are the perfect stocking stuffers for both your single and coupled-up friends and they are currently offering a $10 off incentive to celebrate the company’s one-year anniversary.

Willie’s Remedy Hemp-infused Coffee and Tea

I know it might seem counterintuitive to get your high-energy caffeine fix with the calming effects of hemp extract, but if you’re someone who gets a little too jittery from your morning coffee, Willie’s Remedy hemp-infused coffee and tea products may be perfect for you.

I brewed a pot of the coffee on a day when my hangxiety was extra out of control, and after a few sips, I immediately felt at ease while still getting energy from my morning cup o’ Joe. Both the brand’s dark roast and medium roast blends contain 250 milligrams of CBD per bag, which is 32.7 milligrams per serving.

I’m not a huge tea drinker, but Willie Nelson and his team also provide their consumers with a line of tea that couples well with the relaxing nature of the hemp extract infusion, great for a night in on the couch while you wind down before bed.

Prismatic Plants Day & Night Tincture Formulas

While a friend visited me in Los Angeles not too long ago, I suggested we get a CBD smoothie that used to be offered at a local juice shop down the road. But, when we went to the store, we were told it was a one-time offer and we weren’t going to find that product there anymore – or apparently anywhere in a 10-mile radius, according to Google. That’s when Prismatic Plants’ Good Day tincture with 300 milligrams CBD and 100 milligrams CBDa per bottle came to the rescue. Just a few drops in our mango and strawberry smoothies and our relaxing outing to Santa Monica beach got 10 times more chill.

The Good Night formula with 300 milligrams CBD and 10 milligrams CBN is best when added to your bedtime tea, or can simply be taken sublingually.

We all know that the most important part about CBD is finding the right amount for your body, so you can even drop these tinctures into your Willie’s Remedy tea and make them a double-gift if you’re feeling like you or your loved ones deserve some extra relaxation.

Coda Signature Symphony Bath Bombs

A friend gifted me a Coda Signature “Balance” bath bomb containing rose geranium, patchouli, and lavender for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to try it. So, after lighting a candle and finding the right temperature, I dropped my gift into the water. It fizzed and didn’t turn into a cool color like I see other bath bombs do, but on the bright side that made for less cleanup after.

Coda’s bath bombs are infused with both THC and CBD with 15 milligrams of each, which felt amazing for my muscles. My shoulders have been extra sore lately and this made for an extra relaxing treat — it felt great to take some time for the self-care that my achy muscles most definitely needed.

Only available in California and Colorado

Alive & Kicking’s Slim CBD Pre-rolls

If you’re trying to kick your cigarette habit, or simply cutting down on the amount you’ve been smoking, these pre-rolls may be perfect for you. Every one of Alive & Kicking’s Slim CBD pre-roll packs comes with 14 micro slim pre-rolls, each packed with a minimum of .35 grams of hemp CBD.

A few drags of one gave me a nice calming feeling in my body throughout the rest of the night.

Cookies Daytime and Nighttime CBD Capsules

I was a little hesitant when I saw that Cookies’ Daytime Capsules were filled with 20 milligrams of CBG, 30 milligrams of CBD, and mushrooms. I was just trying to have a chill day, not go on a trip to the moon, but after reading that they were filled with a non-psychoactive formula, I realized I was in the clear. I took them on a day where I was feeling a little foggy from lack of sleep and my mind cleared up about an hour later.

The daytime capsule consists of invigorating lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms alongside mood-lifting CBG, CBD, and an energy terpene blend, while the Nighttime Capsules contain a 5-in-1 blend of immunity-boosting organic mushrooms, 30 milligrams of CBD, 20 milligrams of CBN, and calming terpene blend.

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If you’re anything like me, then the holidays bring you a healthy amount of joy coupled with exorbitant stress. From navigating the circus of airports to figuring out who’s expecting…
The post 7 CBD gifts for a stress-free holiday season appeared first on Weedmaps News.Culture & industry, CBD